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19 May - 22 June

Exhibition at Rabley Gallery Wiltshire

Jeff Powell - Pastel Drawing
above: Jeff Powell - Paynters Bay : October II 2014, Pastel on paper, 42.5 x 50.8cm

Abstract compositions in pastel where the surfaces hum and the edges resonate.

Jeff Powell

Through drawing Jeff Powell responds to his prevailing concerns and observations; striving for a synthesis, less preordained than might emerge from an objective figurative study. Powell originally studied architecture at Bournemouth School of Art, and a notion of mathematical algorithm can be perceived in his repeating forms and structures. This is counter–balanced by a sublime use of materials that is tactile and sensual.
“I know the tune the image hums though I cannot recall its name” JP
Jeff Powell lives on the north Cornish coast in South West England famous for the British Modernist artists Nicholson, Hepworth and Frost. The redolent forms in his abstract landscapes interact with drawing materials and colour to create balance and dissonance. The space the image occupies is influenced by memory, a sense of infinity, the void and an acknowledgement of the picture plane. Powell has rarely exhibited his drawings, he sees drawing as one way of reaffirming ones humanity; primordial; powerful; beautiful and romantic.

Jeff Powell - Drawing

above: Jeff Powell

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Exhibition Opening hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10am – 4pm. On the final day of the show, Friday 22 June the gallery will be closing at 12noon.

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